Lucky 7s in Cadence year end list

One of the cool things about the way Cadence does their year end lists, is that they print each of their writer’s lists. This is nice, in that as you get to know the tastes of the writers, you have some idea about how to weight each one’s list for your own use.

The Lucky 7s CD, Farragut, made the top of Grego Edwards’ list for 2007. Even though the CD came out in late 2006, it was reviewed in Cadence in 2007, so it qualified for the 2007 lists. It’s nice to still be on someone’s mind so many months later. We’re in pretty good company too, other people on Grego’s list include Roscoe Mitchell, Peter Kowald, and Steve Swell.

If this piece of information inspires you to pick up a copy, that’s fine with me. 😉