Holiday Bundles from Greenleaf

Amongst the large number of “holiday/black friday sale” emails in my inbox this morning, was one from the Greenleaf Music Store. They have some cool Holiday Bundles at pretty good prices. I just downloaded the Paperback Series Bundle. There were a couple of records in this series that I have been wanting to get, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. I couldn’t pass up 4 albums for $28 as FLAC downloads ($25 for the mp3s). If you want to treat yourself to some good music, it is worth checking out, and as I’ve said before, their store is super easy to deal with.


Recent Listening – Mike Reed / David Binney & Alan Ferber

These two disks have been in my heavy rotation recently. They are both excellent. Click links, listen to samples, explore, and purchase.


Mike Reed’s People Places & Things About Us

Buy from 482 Music

Listen at Mike’s website


David Binney & Alan Ferber In the Paint

Listen and buy at Positone’s website.