New piece for woodwind trio and fixed media

Last night was the first rehearsal for a new piece I’ve put together called Reconciliation. It is for flute, clarinet, bassoon, and fixed media. The rehearsal went fairly well.

It will be performed Friday May 29, 2009 on a concert by the New Orleans New Music Ensemble (NONME) at 8:00 PM at The Big Top Gallery, 1638 Clio St. in New Orleans. The concert will also feature new works by Alex Burtzos, Ryan Oliver, BJ Blue, Jason Burge, and Jonathan Freilich.

more social media stuff

Today someone described Facebook to me as “another free advertising venue.” Lately I have had lots of people trying to advertise to me on Facebook, or more accurately use my Facebook profile as a place to advertise for them. Am I wrong to be a bit put off by this? Why should I “be a fan” of a music store I have never bought anything from, or a flower shop that I have no knowledge of other than the fact that the owner friended me, and now won’t quit sending me “blah blah suggested you become a fan of…” messages. WTF?

I don’t want to follow people on Twitter that only tweet ads for their ventures. I would MUCH rather know what some random drummer in Richmond had for lunch (hummus sandwich that sounded pretty good) than know for 18th time this week that so and so has a new book out. Now, I don’t mind when people that also offer other interesting things also tweet about their ventures. I’m totally cool with that. I like Facebook and Twitter as ways of keeping in touch with old friends and making new friends, and getting to better know folks I have met on the internet. I like them as ways to develop some rapport with fans and colleagues and potential fans and colleagues. I really don’t like being seen as a link in someone’s free advertising network. Is that so wrong?

June Tour

I have finalized tour info for the Jeff Albert Quartet June 2009 US Tour.

Jun 13, 2009 – Springfield, IL (US) @ Charles and Limey’s Lounge – Jeff Albert Trio featuring Dave Cappello and Tommy Sciple w/ End Times Trio

Jun 14, 2009 – Chicago, IL (US) @ The Hungry Brain – Jeff Albert Quartet w/ The Engines & ad hoc improv mixes

Jun 15, 2009 – Chicago, IL (US) @ The Skylark – Jeff Albert Quartet

Jun 17, 2009 – Brooklyn, NY (US) @ Douglass St Music Collective – Jeff Albert Quartet w/ Kobrinksy-Sinton Duo

Jun 18, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA (US) @ Chris’s Jazz Cafe – Jeff Albert Quartet

Jun 19, 2009 – Middletown, CT (US) @ Fishbone Cafe – Jeff Albert Quartet

June 20, 2009 – Richmond, VA (US) @ The Camel – Jeff Albert Quartet w/No BS Brass

Full details here.

I’d like to thank the musicians in these cities that helped set up some of these dates, and who will be sharing some of the concerts: Frank Trompeter, Josh Berman, Frank Rosaly, Josh Sinton, Jacob Garchik, Joe Fonda, Dan Godston, Brian Jones, and Reggie Pace. It is amazing what the internet and a community of interested musicians can do.

New Amsterdam Records

I just bought the new Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society CD that is burning up the interwebs. I haven’t had it long enough to really comment on the music, although what I have heard so far is pretty slammin’.

I am writing this post to comment on the purchase process. I went to the New Amsterdam website and ordered the physical CD. I have been buying downloads lately, but I guess I thought this would be a good candidate for full resolution hi-fi treatment. So I ordered the CD somewhat disappointed that I would have to wait a couple of days to hear the music, BUT WAIT! The rockin’ New Amsterdam store gives you the downloads as well when you order the physical CD. I know there are other places that do this, and I love them too. I think this is part of the future. I’ll report on the music at some point.

Icons Among Us

The name of this documentary film series, Icons Among Us, has been popping up on my radar, but I just recently took the time to investigate it. The subtitle is Jazz in the Present Tense, and it seems to be an interesting look at the current state of some of the music that comes from the lineage of jazz. Some of the available press samples have people like Nicholas Payton and Russell Gunn talking about the difficulties of the concept of genre, which is right in line with some of my own thinking of late. I need to figure out if I get the Documentary Channel…

For more info (airtimes, etc) go to

If you are offended by the language sometimes used by musicians (and sailors, and soldiers, and salesman, and bankers, and golfers, and…) don’t watch the following clip. It is not real bad in terms of foul language, but it is honest. BTW Russell Gunn and I were roommates on a cruise ship in 1993, and he was just as outspoken and strong in his ideas then, before anyone knew who he was.