Cool label, cool instrument

Since the Lucky 7s have recently signed a deal for Clean Feed to release our next CD, I was happy to see this nice Clean Feed/trombone shout out on AAJ.

Clean Feed: Between Shadow and Space & Drunk Butterfly:

The Portuguese label Clean Feed has cast a wide net since its inception in 2001. And as it has gained momentum—its inaugural year saw just three releases while so far 2008 has birthed 19—it has become less an imprint and more of a time capsule of a particularly fertile period in creative music.

The trombone has finally caught up with —and to some extent—lapped the saxophone as an instrument for experimentation. Players like Roswell Rudd, Ray Anderson and Joe Fiedler (all with discs on the label) have contributed to this renaissance.

Post-Gustav link dump

Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes and inquiries into our well being. My family and our home survived Hurricane Gustav with very little damage. There is some clean up to do (if it ever quits raining) and the gas lamp in the front yard is a goner, but otherwise things are fine and returning to normal. The Naked Orchestra gig that was scheduled for tomorrow night is a storm casualty, but I am sure it will get revived at some point.

My rss reader had a few beauties when I got home from my Gustav evac. Howard Mandel has a couple of Chicago Jazz Fest inspired postings that are well worth the time.

Dave Douglas points to a nice New Music Box piece on Peter Evans. Be sure to check out the video.