Over the summer, Matt Wright and I got together to improvise some music on our trombones. Matt then made a video to go with the sounds. The video and title grew out of our conversations on perspective, and social and consumer responsibility. This was premiered on a Versipel New Music program, and you can see it here now.

Solo/duo video

I love the way Google Alerts sometimes alerts me to video of myself of which I have previously been unaware. Here is one of them.

This is from the Search & Restore NOLA Round Robin Duos concert. I like the fact that once Helen comes on stage I am heard more than seen.

George Porter Tribute & Lifetime Achievement Award

This past Friday, offBeat Magazine had their annual Best of the Beat Awards show. George Porter Jr. was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. George invited many of the old & current Runnin’ Pardners to play that night, and like every gig with George, it was great. His daughter Katrina also put together an all star tribute band that did a couple of tunes. I am thankful that I got to play in that group as well, and thankful that someone from offBeat had a camera.

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Horn section (l to r): Brian Graber, Khris Royal, Tracy Griffin, Mark Mullins, Jeff Albert. Front row (l to r): Art Neville, Dr. John, Cyril Neville, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, David Berard, Stanton Moore, Papa Mali, & Brint Anderson (out of picture to the right).

Instigation Quartet recording session

Here are some behind the scenes pics from my Instigation Quartet recording session on November 21, 2011. The musicians involved were Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, Joshua Abrams, and me. Zack Smith took the pictures.

I should have info about the release of the music some time soon(-ish).

Jeff talk kidd practice

Like much of the day, I was talking, and Kidd was practicing. Or maybe he was just trying to drown out my talking.

Kidd laughing

When he wasn’t practicing, he was laughing, or making us laugh.


Here we are with Wesley Fontenot, our fabulous recording engineer, checking out some playback.

Ben hamid

Co-producer Benjamin Lyons and Hamid in (I’m sure rather deep) discussion.

The band

We did actually record some music too. There are more action photos here.

I blame Nick, or any press is good press

We had a great concert last Monday night with the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana at the Manship theater in the Shaw Center in Baton Rouge. There was even a nice review of the concert in The Advocate, which is Baton Rouge’s main newspaper. We made the front page, with two photos even.

Read the whole article here:–you-touch-every-day.html

It’s funny, I have played trombone in venues all over North America and Europe with some of the world’s greatest musicians, but it is the gig on which I play glowing orbs and wiimotes that gets these two pictures on the front page of the paper.


Wiimote jeff

Photos by Adam Lau/The Advocate

Nick wrote the piece that produced that wiimote pic. I blame him.