Disney & record stores

This week, my family and I fled Mardi Gras and went to Disney World. It was quite ironic that at least once each day I still had to try to figure out a way to get where I wanted to go while a parade blocked my path.

I can’t remember that last time I went into a record store and bought recorded music. Probably a little over a year ago in Chicago. There are no more record stores in my city. A few small ones, but no one that carries any sizable chunk of stuff I dig. Tonight I took my stepson into the Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney. He really just wanted to play the X Box demos, so I went off to search out the jazz section. I finally found it tucked back in the corner. It was even harder to find any new releases. There was classic Trane and Miles all over the place, but hardly anything new. I was relieved when I saw the display with the new Diana Krall and Chris Botti CDs, at least then I knew that they could get new releases. I did pick up Larry Young “Unity”, and Jackie McClean “Jackie’s Bag” for $8 each. The world/latin/electronica section was noticeably larger than the jazz/vocals/classical section. Vive la internet!