New Dave Douglas 2 CD set; Greenleaf gets it; Bilbao Song

I just got the new Dave Douglas Quintet Live at The Jazz Standard 2 CD set. It is a collection of all of the tunes that have never been released on CD that are on the massive Live at The Jazz Standard week long gig download set. The cool part is that since I had already purchased the full week’s worth of downloads (which includes all of these tracks), they sent me the new CD version free. I didn’t have to ask or check a box or anything. These guys at Greenleaf Music get it. We should all pay attention too what they are doing. I think we are seeing the future of the good music business in these guys.

More good news…

When I was looking for a pic of the DD CD cover (which I didn’t find a suitable one), I stumbled across Available Jelly’s Bilbao Song, which is available for download purchase at Muicstem. I had read some reviews of the album and wanted to get it, but I was having trouble finding it in any of my usual outlets. The fact that on the Musicstem site the artist is listed as Michael Moore, instead of Available Jelly, might have had something to do with that. Anyway, I am listening to it as i type.