One thought on “Scratch My Brain Podcast #5”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I think the record I mentioned in the TOWER records anecdote didn’t sell because, a. jazz record sales are very low to begin with, b. no one had heard of the band, c. the packaging wasn’t that appealing. I just stumbled upon the website for the New Pantheon Music Awards at I had never heard of it before, but the idea is for certain “taste makers” (people like Beck and Margaret Cho) to nominate creative albums to win an award. The album is required to have sold less than 500,000 copies. I searched through some of the nominees and came up with some really cool music I had never heard of before, I then bought 2 albums from that list at iTunes. As a side note, I didn’t notice any jazz on the list, mainly pop oriented things, but very good stuff all in all. An album gains a lot of prestige when Elton John says it was one of the most interesting records to come out last year.

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