LOLs video

Maybe the only way to break my unfortunate “one post per month” recent pace is to make multiple posts on one day a month…

Anyway, last Tuesday the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana (LOLs) played a concert in Free Speech Alley at LSU. It was fun. There was sunburn. Someone shot video.

We did a number of pieces that day. The piece in this footage is something we called “own instrument improv.” It is an improvisation, in which we each play an instrument of our own design. I was playing a joystick instrument that I designed for a piece called Forbidden Butch and another instrument that I call R2D2 because it sounds a little bit like the droid. They were both made in Max/MSP. The forbidden butch instrument uses a Logitech Joystick, and the R2D2 instrument uses an AKAI LPD8 as a controller, although it can be played without the LPD8. If you want to check out the patches, send me an email, and I’ll send them to you.