Is it finally time for Jazz Fest to change its name?

Ok, people in other countries are starting to make fun of us for calling our big springtime music event Jazz Fest, and citing Pearl Jam as the big news headliner. I used to defend the name as tradition, and offer that they did in fact program some jazz. They do still program some jazz, and they’ll probably get a chunk of money out of me to go see Wayne Shorter’s Quartet, although I’d pay a much larger chunk to hear them in a place that isn’t a tent that is 200 yards away from an Allman Brothers concert.

I know it would take forever to get locals to call it anything else, but maybe the time has come for the New Orleans Music and Heritage Festival (presented by Shell, or Miller Lite, or whoever).

4 thoughts on “Is it finally time for Jazz Fest to change its name?”

  1. Shorter’s coming? I missed that one. I just saw that Lovano is on the way.

    But you’re right. Change the name because there’s no different jazz or blues. At least Jessie McBride got a gig.

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