Screening at 8pm of “New Orleans Music Renaissance“ documentary film followed at 10pm by a live performance of Ed Petersen & the Ultimate Test
Admission is $15.00
More Information at UNO Music Dept 280-6039 or New Orleans Jazz Celebration 309-5299

“October 14th marks the fourth anniversary of the reopening of Snug Harbor in the wake Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing federal flood. It was an important moment, not only an act of resilience, but in a way an act of defiance. The feeling of those days is perhaps best expressed by a photograph (attached) of the late George Brumat, Snug Harbor’s former owner and guiding spirit. He’s standing in front of the club wearing a ball cap and a blue t-shirt. Behind him, strung up just inside the plate glass window, is a piece of poster board with a message written in broad tipped felt marker, a message of resilience and defiance: “Fear Not Brothers and Sisters…’Jazz City’ Will Swing Again….Peace! ‘Snug Harbor.’” For many of the folks who never left, as well as those among us who came back to New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of “The Thing,” the photograph was iconic and its message became a mantra. George died in July of 2007. But the message lives on.

To celebrate not only the anniversary of Snug’s post-K re-opening, but also serving as a benefit for the Jazz Scholarship Fund set up at the University of New Orleans in George’s honor, we have a very special evening. First, at 8pm there will be a screening of “New Orleans Music Renaissance,” a documentary film on the post-Katrina music community in which George is featured. The film, by French film maker Virgile Beddok, is generously offered through the New Orleans Film Festival.

At 10pm, Ed Petersen & the Ultimate Test, the first band to play the Snug Harbor after Katrina, October 14, 2005 will take the stage. The Test includes Steve Masakowski on guitar, Don Vappie on bass & Ricky Sebastian on drums. Come help us celebrate the undeniable fact that Jazz City is swinging again…with a vengeance*.

* If you can’t make it on the 14th but feel compelled to help preserve the memory and legacy of Snug Harbor’s founder by giving a little something to the George Brumat Jazz Scholarship at the University of New Orleans you can send a check made out to the U.N.O Foundation, noting the Brumat Scholarship in the memo line to this address.

U.N.O. Department of Music
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70184”