Time flies, Chicago Jazz Fest

Today I realized that it has been almost a month since I posted here. Wow, it seems like just a week or so. School, family, and music have been keeping me busy, and recreational writing is the first thing to go when I have so much required reading and writing to do. I am learning some new languages (French, ChucK, and Max/Msp) right now, and it is taking up lots of time. The good news is that my French friends can understand my French, and today I got Max and ChucK to talk to each other, so things are going well on those fronts.

I’ve been playing lots of good music too, which makes everything else easier to deal with. Last weekend I got to play with Joe McPhee and Michael Zerang (along with Rob Cambre, Donald Miller, and Bhob Rainey), and it was great. Joe and Michael did a duo show Thursday night, which was wonderful, and having the chance to play and hang with them Friday night was a musical and personal highlight.

I had every intention of blogging in detail about my great weekend at the Chicago Jazz Fest, but that’s not going to happen. There have been some good play by plays in other places, and google can help you find those.

I will offer a few notes:
– The folks in Chicago do their jazz fest right. It is exceedingly well programmed, and the people seem to really appreciate it.
-George Lewis is super bad…in the good way. The trio with Muhal Richard Abrams, Roscoe Mitchell, and George Lewis is an absolute don’t miss. If you get the chance to hear them, don’t miss it.
-I got to hang with my cousin Matt, which was very cool, and he came out to hear the Lucky 7s. He even wrote about the experience.
-This sign was seen on the door at the Lucky 7s gig on Sunday (the last night) of Jazz Fest. I love Chicago.