Nice weekend in Colorado

This past weekend I played at Mountainside Mardi Gras, at Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver, with George Porter Jr. and the Runnin’ Pardners. Red Rocks is a uniquely picturesque setting in which to play and hear music. The sound was good, the people were very nice, the catering was a little weak, but all in all it was a great experience.

Photo by Gary Sullivan

It was quite a New Orleans musician hang back stage. I saw several old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite some time, even though we live in the same city. I also got to spend some time with my good friends, and former New Orleanians, Scott and Susan and their kids.

On the way home, the TSA agent in Denver confiscated (actually, technically, I surrendered it) my almost empty tube of toothpaste because the container was larger than three ounces. She admitted that there wasn’t even three ounces of toothpaste in the tube, but the tube was too big, so I was asked to surrender it, which I did without incident.

It amazes me that someone in the TSA hasn’t ended this farcical war on moisture. It seems from the occasional looks on their faces, that even the TSA agents in the airports know how ridiculous it is to confiscate almost empty toothpaste tubes. Maybe we can get the Mythbusters guys on this. See if they can blow something up with an almost empty 6.5 ounce Crest tube, or any combination of liquids in quantities of 3.5 ounces.

2 thoughts on “Nice weekend in Colorado”

  1. Actually, the sound was remarkably good. There is lots of space around the rocks, and the sound crew were good. It was a pretty pleasant sonic experience.

    I flew to Chicago last weekend. I bought some sunscreen while I was there. The can was bigger than 3.4 ounces, so I had to leave it there. I could either pay $15 to check a bag, or surrender the $6 can of sunscreen. The TSA agent knew it was sunscreen. There was no doubt as to the contents of the larger than 3.4 ounce spray can. Still silly.

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