Tour Diary #4

We had a great evening in NY, despite the traffic. 8 toll booths to 2 lanes of tunnel in a couple of hundred yards makes for some odd merging.

We took the Holland Tunnel through lower Manhattan and across the Brooklyn Bridge to meet my old buddy Andy for pizza at Grimaldi’s in DUMBO. We got to the Douglass Street Music Collective and heard a great set by Josh Sinton, and Ayreh Kobrinsky. Then we played to a room full of friends. It is a great feeling when so many of your friends take the time to come hear you play. I’d like to thank Andy, George, Sam, Linda, and Pete for coming out to hear us. When musician friends support you, it is especially rewarding, so I’d also like to thank Steve Swell and Rob Wagner for their presence.

After the gig we had something of a Loyola College of Music circa 1990 reunion at 4th Ave Pub in Brooklyn, which was just around the corner from the venue. It was great to catch up with Andy, Linda, George and Sam. I hadn’t seen any of them in a couple of years, and some of them I hadn’t seen for more than a dozen years. What a blessing to get to make music for, then visit with old friends.

I am looking forward to a short driving day tomorrow as we head to Philadelphia.

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  1. Hey, Jeff! I woul dhave loved to see the old gang from Loyola! Sounds like you had a good time. Good luck with the next trip–I’m enjoying reading about this one!

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