June Tour

I have finalized tour info for the Jeff Albert Quartet June 2009 US Tour.

Jun 13, 2009 – Springfield, IL (US) @ Charles and Limey’s Lounge – Jeff Albert Trio featuring Dave Cappello and Tommy Sciple w/ End Times Trio

Jun 14, 2009 – Chicago, IL (US) @ The Hungry Brain – Jeff Albert Quartet w/ The Engines & ad hoc improv mixes

Jun 15, 2009 – Chicago, IL (US) @ The Skylark – Jeff Albert Quartet

Jun 17, 2009 – Brooklyn, NY (US) @ Douglass St Music Collective – Jeff Albert Quartet w/ Kobrinksy-Sinton Duo

Jun 18, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA (US) @ Chris’s Jazz Cafe – Jeff Albert Quartet

Jun 19, 2009 – Middletown, CT (US) @ Fishbone Cafe – Jeff Albert Quartet

June 20, 2009 – Richmond, VA (US) @ The Camel – Jeff Albert Quartet w/No BS Brass

Full details here.

I’d like to thank the musicians in these cities that helped set up some of these dates, and who will be sharing some of the concerts: Frank Trompeter, Josh Berman, Frank Rosaly, Josh Sinton, Jacob Garchik, Joe Fonda, Dan Godston, Brian Jones, and Reggie Pace. It is amazing what the internet and a community of interested musicians can do.

3 thoughts on “June Tour”

  1. Ok, so maybe not so final. I think the Springfield date will likely be at a different venue, TBA. AND, I am pretty sure we are adding a show in Cincinnati on Tuesday, June 16. I’ll post details when they are confirmed.

  2. Well, I am so pleased you’re coming to Middletown, CT. However, Philly the night before and Virginia the next day and I assume you’re driving – egads!
    I look to meeting you and hearing your fine quartet.

    Be safe, Richard

  3. Thanks Richard. I look forward to meeting you as well.

    Philly to Middletown won’t be so bad, but Middletown to Richmond will be a bit of a haul. Just don’t keep us out hanging until 3 am, and we should be ok. 😉

    We’ll put a lot of miles on the van, but playing every night will be great for the band. By the time we get to you, we’ll either have musical ESP, or all be wanting to kill each other. Let’s hope for choice A.

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