Social internet TMI

I am fascinated by some of things people will write on Twitter or Facebook. I think sometimes we forget that these are more public places than we realize. The dilemma is: when we see people being hypocrites, are we obliged to call them out? Publicly or privately?

Case in point: a recent Facebook status update was “vindictive people suck.” This was posted by someone who has given people grades in an apparently vindictive manner. (I would say obviously vindictive, but I’ll leave the benefit of the doubt.) To call this person out would seem equally vindictive, so I guess just quietly enjoying the irony would be the best course of action. The middle road between the full on call out and the quiet contemplation must be the vague blog post.

I think I may be reading too much Gowder, although I imagine Paul would just rock the call out and be done with it.

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