Richmond Marching Band assembles, gets busted

Apparently some fun and creative Richmond, VA musicians are forming a community marching band. Their first rehearsal was today, and it drew some governmental attention. Once in high school, a police officer showed up at a jam session we were having in the bassist’s carport. That feeling of seeing a cop pull up to your musical gathering is a neat combination of fear and pride.

RVAjazz: Richmond Marching Band assembles, gets busted:

“Two police officers casually strutted over to our rehearsal in the middle of the park. Like any appropriately-sized marching band, we were very loud. We were apparently too loud for the residents living next to the park. To paraphrase one of the cops, ‘They won’t call us about people doing drugs in the park, but they’ll call about things like this.'”


Read the whole account here.