…still digging Matt Wilson

It’s no secret that I have dug Matt Wilson’s music for a while. This Ottawa Citizen blog piece confirms that I like the way he approaches music personally as well.

Matt Wilson interview outtakes – Thriving on a riff:

“My stuff is not too hard… I’m proud of it, actually, they’re easy I like ’em easy so that I can see what people can do with them. I’m big into how people can look at something and go with it. And go from there.

As long as the music doesn’t get in the way of the musicians, I think it’s pretty cool. But when the music inspires the musicians and gets stuff out of them, it’s really great. That’s what all the good writers and arrangers, all those conceptualists do. They know how to usher people
into an environment and allow them to play with it and see what can occur. I dig that part of it.”

(Via @accujazzdotcom.)