EI does the math on Wynton

I know I have given DTM props before, but if you are a music lover and thinker, YOU MUST READ DO THE MATH, or at least check it out, because it is often quite good. Ethan Iverson is the usual blogger there, and he can be quite long-winded, but it is the attention-to-detail-about-stuff-that-really-turns-me-on kind of long-winded, not the I-love-to-see-my-words-on-a-screen type of long-winded.

Ethan has scored another great achievement with his interview with Wynton Marsalis and the resulting essays. It is well worth the read. I read them in the order suggested, and it flowed nicely. I suggest that approach. Ethan presents a well thought-out and quite insightful look at Wynton’s present and past, along with some corollary issues, and he does it seemingly without bias or any agenda other than the open-minded exploration of good music.

Sometimes really long essays can be hard to read online. I know I don’t usually enjoy laptop reading of long pieces, but I really dug this. Take the time, it is worth it.

2 thoughts on “EI does the math on Wynton”

  1. Been saving them up in my RSS reader for next weekend. I read one of ’em and it really whet my appetite. I think this is the first mammoth post since the “All in the Mix”/Stanley Crouch/Obama/Lennie Tristano festivities back this Summer, right?

  2. Yeah, I think so. Ethan has a real way of distilling these sometimes controversial subjects into meaningful and intelligent conversations and/or observations.

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