One to One Studios in Jackson, MS

This past Friday, I took my quartet to Jackson, MS to perform at One to One Studios, which is a very cool art gallery/performance space. In the performance space, they have a stage that is made up of 5 large circles on three different levels. It definitely creates and different vibe for the performers. There was a pretty good sized, very attentive audience in attendance.


I played one set with my regular quartet, and did an opening set of improvisations with Jackson natives Bruce Golden and Jeb Stuart. I have posted mp3s of the trio and the quartet over at

Former New Orleanian, and current Jascksonian, Will Thompson hooked us up. He has become a real connecting factor between the New Orleans and Jackson creative/improv scenes. It’s a pretty logical connection. The two cities are only a 2.5 to 3 hour drive apart. Here’s hoping for a long and fruitful association between the cities and their scenes, and if you are ever in Jackson, be sure to check out One to One.

Image courtesy of Paul Fayard.