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Thus far, I haven’t really been a big internet radio listener. I don’t know if it is that I haven’t found a station that I really liked, or if it is that when I sit at my computer, I have access to a >100GB music library that I have already vetted. I guess if I had a cubicle day job I would have sorted this out much sooner.

Yesterday, I got an email alerting me to the existence of . So far so good. There are multiple “subchannels”, apparently with more to come. The “New School” channel has served up Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Cecil Taylor, Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy, and other good stuff much of which hasn’t been in my collection. It has also served up some Wynton, and some odd not-in-English “jazz” vocals.

If you are looking for a new listening place, is worth investigating.

5 thoughts on “internet radio – accujazz”

  1. Now why do you need an internet radio station when you have one of the best jazz stations, WWOZ, so close to you on your radio dial?

    And of course, if you need the out stuff, you know Jazz Lunatique is laying it down and taking it way up every Wednesday night midnight to 3 AM.

    And this week it’s some Easter music with Ayler, Pharoah, and then a bunch of Ascension (Trane and the Rova!)

  2. You know, that works in my car, but at home in Mandeville, I have to listen to ‘oz online too. WWOZ is a great jazz station sometimes (like on my way home from Open ears), but other times it’s a great other stuff station. That is cool too, but not always my mood.

  3. I understand. Sometimes I’ve got to hear Kirk Whalum too.

    Then again, sometimes it’s Sonic Youth.

  4. You gotta check out if you haven’t already. It will surely turn you on to some new stuff.

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