Classic and rock

Last night was one of those special nights when I get to take part in two completely inspiring and seemingly opposite musical experiences.

The first performance was Haydn’s oratorio, The Creation, with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. I must admit that I have previously dismissed much of the classical period repertoire as “good, but not all that interesting to me.” I guess it was due to combinations of being a trombone player that is into jazz and new music, and just being foolish. Anyway, the bass trombone part to The Creation is pretty involved, so I spent a good bit of time with the piece before we got into rehearsals this week. That, combined with the spirit and joy that Carlos brings to this piece have really made it come alive for me.

After the LPO concert, I headed to dba to play with one of my longest tenured musical friends, Clint Maedgen. Clint and I went to high school together, and have started playing together again recently and it has been a blast. Clint does a wide variety of things, but the show last night consisted of one set of Clint’s tunes, and a set of Beatles tunes. It was a real gas.

It’s funny how two seemingly different musical worlds can get you to the same beautiful place.