Chicken wire ?!?

When I was in college, one of our favorite past times, when we were too broke to go out and hear music, was watching the Blues Brothers (the real one, not that 2000 sacrilege). Many of my early gigs were with horn sections in cover bands, and Blues Brothers fare was a staple of our rep.

These days, I get to play a bit with the fabulous blues singer Luther Kent. It is a large band with 6 horns, and when the right rhythm section is there, they are bad enough to turn goat piss into gasoline. Imagine my delight last night, when Blue Lou Marini showed up and sat in for much of the second set. His presence lit an extra little fire under the band, and he seemed like a genuinely nice cat. It was lots of fun.

One thought on “Chicken wire ?!?”

  1. I really wish I could have played Monkey Hill. Just being in the same horn line with Blue Lou would have been a memorable thrill for me. I’m glad you enjoyed the gig.

    Glen Barnett
    Baton Rouge
    occasional Trick Bag bari sax

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