Back from Chicago, with mp3s

While this post isn’t a podcast in the sense of me talking with theme music, etc., it does contain some mp3 links.

I just got back from Chicago, where I spend a week rehearsing/performing/recording/performing some more with the Lucky 7s. I feel really good about the new material, and expect that we’ll have a new CD out in a few months (now that I’ve said that, I am sure it will be a year).

For those of you that missed the shows (you know who you are), here are some live mp3s.

These were recorded at The Hungry Brain in Chicago on July 22, 2007. Keefe Jackson was unable to attend this performance, so Dave Rempis is playing tenor sax on these recordings.

#6 (mp3) written by Jeb Bishop

Ash (mp3) written by Jeff Albert

Jaki’s Walk (mp3) written by Jeb Bishop

Future Dog (for Jaki) (mp3) written by Jeff Albert

These are two improvised pieces from our performance on July 22, 2007 at The Hungry Brain in Chicago. This was Lucky 7s plus guests. The musicians are listed by each recording.

Improvisation (mp3) by Jeff Albert (trombone), Josh Berman (cornet), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Dave Rempis (tenor sax), and Jason Stein (bass clarinet).

Improvisation (mp3) by Jason Adasiewicz (vibes), Jeff Albert (trombone), Tim Daisy, (drums), and Dave Rempis (tenor sax).

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3 thoughts on “Back from Chicago, with mp3s”

  1. Hey Jeff – I caught the first set of the second night at the Velvet. Loved the music, but was also coming down with the flu and took off right at setbreak, so I apologize for not introducing myself. I loved Ash and Spiraling (?) and the one Jeb wrote that started and ended with the Rempis/Adasiewicz duos. I’m just recovering from my illness now…it was ugly for a couple days. Hope you had a good stay in Chicago!

  2. Yeah, Swirling. And Stitch is the Jeb tune. Those are both on Farragut (our first CD). Ash will be on the next one.

    It was a great week in Chicago. The weather was marvelous, and the music was fun…and I got through the Apple store without buying anything (well, except for some games for my kids). I had to miss the Dusty Groove this time. Last trip I spent more at the Dusty Groove than I made…

    BTW there were other show missers out there. Both of the Dans showed up though, even if I only met one of them.

  3. Cool, I’ll have to arrange to get a copy of Farragut from you…should have picked one up while I was there. Dusty Groove is a dangerous place…as is the Jazz Record Mart…I have to “treat” myself to visits so often, and go in with a predetermined budget…or else it gets ugly fast.

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