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Mwanji over at be.jazz has a nice long post covering much of the recent happenings in jazz blogdonia. I especially like this bit. He is referring to a Dan Melnick Soundslope post.

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“I would like to flip Dan’s interrogations around (forgive me if the following sounds wishy-washy): listeners cannot ask of musicians more than they ask of themselves. Instead of demanding that musicians push boundaries, for example, we can only ask that we challenge our own listening habits and comfort zones. It’s a risky entreprise, one I find difficult and don’t do often enough: it takes time and perhaps money, our current opinions may be proven wrong or misguided, we might somehow stumble. But hopefully, in some way, we learn and broaden our perspective. Only by doing this, I think, can the listener get a taste of what it means for the musician to undertake a similar endeavour.”

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