Soundslope goodness

Dan Melnick has been writing some great stuff over at Soundslope. If I ever get all the music writing done that I need to finish in the next few weeks, I will do some word writing on some of the subjects he has been hitting. In the mean time, I had to share this…

The Avant-garde and the Nature of Change | SOUNDSLOPE:

“If we accept as a basic premise that music is a communicative medium, then one way to view the renegotiation of boundaries is not as saying something new, but instead as saying the same thing in a new way. If we take this premise further and believe that music can communicate truth, and that there is a quintessence that is distilled throughout all music of all genres when played at a high level, then the the question of how that is communicated and whether this purported boundary is being pushed seems less important than if the communication occurs.”