3 thoughts on “King Bolden’s follow-up”

  1. It is entirely possible that I am being insensitive, but aren’t there better things to do in New Orleans than bust musicians? It’s hard enough getting gigs that pay anything when you play original music and in the climate of a wrecked city centre, I can’t imagine that many sympathetic clients or tourists hanging around asking to hear your latest. People are still unable to rebuild homes, the population is half of what it was and the city is worried about zoning ordinances?

    It is laudable to begin again to exert authority over those who break the law. It is commendable to attempt to live within the laws that govern us. We however, are a part of making the laws and there is a time and place for realistic approaches to real-life situations.

    How happy would the residents of famous neighborhoods known worldwide for their cultural and historical significance be if suddenly the musicians all went away? What good does it do to these neighborhoods to remove the livelihood of local artists who potentially have nowhere to go at the end of the night? I have a fear that New Orleans will become gentrified involuntarily as a result of only those with money being able to recreate a life for themselves and therefore decide what becomes of those who cannot. This appears however coincidental to be one more step.

    City counselors, Mr. Nagin and the attorney in charge are all welcome to call our guy here in Montreal, Gerard Tremblay, and city counsel who have navigated the demands of the artists in our communities vs our residents for quite some time.

    Closing venues that currently make money in the city right now is a very very very very bad idea.


  2. Anytime. I don’t want to lose the city, and there are lot’s of us out there who agree but can’t imagine what to do. I’ll be down for the next Mardi Gras, if you’re still playing in the city at that time, I’m definitely coming to hear you play. Do you have a myspace where your music is posted? Have you been able to record at all?


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