Kinda Dukish and Exploding Star

ab baars kinda dukish cover

I bought Ab Baars Quartet’s Kinda Dukish some time ago, but haven’t taken the time to write about it. It is pretty abstract for big chunks of time, then comes in for some standard jazz devices that are almost old school cliche. It’s a nice mix, and scratches a bunch of different little itches.

exploding star orch

Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra’s We Are All from Somewhere Else is a new eMusic pick up for me. It is very good, and Mazurek has the excellent taste to have three of my fellow Lucky 7s on the band: Jason Adasiewicz, Josh Berman, and Jeb Bishop. Jeb sounds like those low long tones have been paying off ;). This disc is full of rich textures with cool grooves and some mesmerizing trance spaces.

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