Lucky 7s reviewed in Cadence Magazine

Here are some choice quotes from the Cadence Magazine review of the Lucky 7s Cd Farragut.

The originals are interesting, the ensemble plays loose or very tight depending on the needs of the moment and the solos are inspired. …You may already know Jeb Bishop’s work with Vandermark, Brotzmann, etc. The presence of Albert brings out the best in them both.

The ensemble plays a raucous, yet controlled form of Jazz that has some of the joy of old New Orleans style yet is thoroughly Post-Bop in its inflections.

The opening piece, “Stitch,” is a microcosm of all that is strong in this band. Swinging ensemble, an interesting head, a dynamic rhythm section that builds intensity in response to the heat of some great solos.

This is modern ensemble Jazz of the highest caliber. Grab this one!

You read what the man said…