I love that feeling

I only have a couple of students that I teach at my house.  I had a lesson yesterday with a high school sophomore.  It was his second lesson, and he is a pretty good player.  He likes jazz band, so we started talking about improvisation, which he said he wanted to learn.  I played a vamp in Bb on the piano, and he played some stuff over it.  He sounded pretty good for a beginner, so I put on the Aebersold Major/Minor and we traded 8’s, just trying to deal with playing simple melodies.  As we kept playing, we went from 8’s to 4’s, then we were both playing together, and then it happened.  I got that feeling.  That feeling I get when something cool starts to happen, when there is interaction between improvisers, when it starts to really get fun.  I love that feeling.  I guess it can even happen with 15 year olds and Aebersold LPs.