A vinyl look back

I just picked up a few used LPs from an internet friend. It is funny how our memories of things change. Every time I get involved in a conversation about CD packaging, someone mentions the good old days with vinyl and the big jackets, and all of the wondeful info they carried. That was true, sometimes.

Two of the LPs (Roswell Rudd – Inside Job on Arista, and Enrico Rava Quartet on ECM) have nothing more than basic discographical info on them. No extensive info on gatefold covers or printed on the inner sleeve. Just two panels of record jacket. They look cool, and sound great, but they aren’t any sort of liner note utopia like some folks remember LPs to be.

The other LP I picked up is Mel Lewis and Friends on Horizon/A&M from 1976. This one does have more liner note info, including this great quote from the back of the jacket.

One could hardly ask for a more stylishly swinging pianist than Hank Jones, a more aggressively attentive bassist than Ron Carter, or a more ferociously fertile trumpter than Freddie Hubbard. The fourth member, tenor saxophonist Mike Brecker, is not as widely known…

My how times change.