Byron & Bang on a Can, plus 8bb

I got an email today from a guy that works for Cantaloupe Music. They just put out a Bang on a Can/Don Byron CD called A Ballad For Many. I haven’t heard the whole thing, but there is a sample track up at Check it out, it is interesting. At times it sounds like eighth blackbird playing prog rock.

Speaking of 8bb, I just picked up Fred and Thirteen Ways.

fred cover

13 ways cover

Great music. Chamber music in the classical sense, but fun and exciting in a modern sense. In the interest of full disclosure, Matt Albert (the violinist/violist in 8bb) and I are related. Our fathers are cousins…or something like that. If we have met, we were both very young. I should have kept better in touch, maybe I could score some free CDs. No matter, they are definitely worth buying (hint, hint).