Engine Records: Just Say No to Dumbass Music

Engine Records: Just Say No to Dumbass Music

The right set-up is having your own studio in a place where you don’t have to pay a lot, and to be able to make high quality recordings without paying a ton of money because this jazz is not going to produce a lot of money. So if you are beneficent then you can choose to make the music that smaller amounts of people like because you’re not going broke doing it. A lot of much larger labels are bloated with costs and spend money on stupid things in my opinion.

Engine Records founder Steven Walcott gives an accurate and down to earth presentation of the issues facing producers of left of mainstream music in this AAJ interview.

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  1. I was surfing the Engine site, and I feel the need to warn you. Some of the Real Audio files didn’t work. I tried to buy a CD, and got an error message.

    It’s a drag too, because the clips sound good.

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