Downloads, CDs, both?

For a while now, my head has been trying to deal with questions of downloads vs. CDs, and various realms of making CDs cheaper and easier to produce, including alternative packaging and the like.

In a post that is only tangentially related to the subject, Dave Douglas shared the following view on his Greenleaf Music blog.

The most common question I get when I tell people we’re doing an internet-based recording outlet is: “So you’re doing downloads only? But I like to have the CD.”

We’re still making CDs. You can get them right here. Downloads are also available. But please consider ordering the CDs as they contain full liner notes, Steve Byram artwork and a beautiful Todd Weinstein photograph.

He’d rather have you buy the CD. Interesting.

There is definitely art in the music, but sometimes I forget about the art in the rest of the package.