Simon Lott’s Things @ Snug Harbor

I had the pleasure of hearing Simon Lott’s Things last Friday night at Snug Harbor. These weekend free midnight shows at Snug are turning out to be very cool. Simon and the guys really stretched out…much farther out than one usually hears at Snug Harbor, and there were still people there listening. Tally one for open-eared fans of good music.

The band was Simon Lott on drums, Tony Barba on tenor sax, Will Thompson on piano and Rhodes, and my fellow Lucky 7s member Matthew Golombisky on bass and likeable noise. People had sheet music on stage, so I am sure there were compositions, but most of what I heard sounded improvised. The music was heavy on texture and groove, sometimes simultaneously. This was the first performance by this particular combination of players, but the energy and communication could lead you to believe otherwise.

Keep your ears open for these guys, collectively and individually. They are making good music.

4 thoughts on “Simon Lott’s Things @ Snug Harbor”

  1. Simon is a really original guy.

    I don’t really know the other guys, and I missed the show in Baton Rouge due to helping my father with some things, but I bet the show was incredible… He has a tendancy to surround himself with good folks.

  2. thank you you kind trombonists. i think snug didn’t really like what we did, but was also torn because we had a crowd until the end that listened. your ears are loved, simon

  3. Yeah, I heard that folks from “the Snug” gave you a little grief about it, so I went out of my way to make sure that I told both George and Jason that it was the hippest stuff they have had in years. They both looked at me like I was nuts, but I get that look from them often. They still talk to me anyway.

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