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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fans splash cash for hot new band

When Four Day Hombre were offered a string of record deals two-and-a-half years ago, the financial clout and creative control the band wanted were missing.

“We came close to a couple of (major) deals and then we were going to go through an independent label, but then it just fell through,” singer Simon Wainwright says.

“We decided that it was either carry on and get the money one way or another and set up a label and do it ourselves – or it was just throw the towel in and say enough’s enough.

“And none of us were really ready to do that.”

So the band sent an email to fans asking them to buy shares in their own label.

Alamo Music was born and the band promptly gave themselves a three-album deal.

Creative financing is the way of the future. Let’s hope creative financing skips the creative accounting.