Damon Short @ Hungry Brain

I often think about trying to be a patient improvser. Tonight I was reminded to be a patient listener as well.

I heard the Damon Short Quintet with Ryan Shultz, Larry Kohut,
Chuck Burdelik, & Mitch Paliga at the Hungry Brain in Chicago. They played composition by leader/drummer Damon Short. The one that moved me the most was an epic piece called Culture Shock, that was written after Hurricane Katrina. Damon lived in New Orleans in the 80’s, and that experience was audible in the music.

Ryan Shultz plays bass trumpet in the band, and his performance was outstanding. He gets a great sound out of a very uncommon instrument. Also notable was the contribution of bassist Larry Kohut.

There is a great little scene happening on Sundays there at the Brain. The show tonight was well attended and the crowd was very attentive. Be sure to check it out if you are in Chicago (especially if it is next Sunday 3/5/06, because I will be there with the Lucky 7s.)