Sony doesn’t get it part deux, or is that DOH!

If you need another reason to believe that Sony has lost all touch with internet reality, dig this page that I got when trying to follow a link to Sony’s Connect Music store :Sony Connect:.

Internet Explorer only. I love this language:

You don’t seem to be using that particular browser at the moment, so, unfortunately, we’ll have to part ways until we support the browser you’re currently using or you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Even if I wanted to upgrade to the lastest version of IE…I CAN’T, because I use a Mac. Microsoft no longer suppports IE for Mac. (See this page for more on that.) Really that is fine with me, but you would think that since Sony is trying to sell stuff that they wouldn’t want to prohibit a noticeable percentage of internet users from even accessing their site.

According to this page, IE 6 was 82.46% of the market in Dec. 2005. According to Scratch My Brain stats, IE is used by no more than 35-40% of SMB readers. I know there is a big difference bewteen the whole internet and SMB readers, but SMB readers are probably music buyers, and Sony is trying to sell music, but at least 20% (probably closer to 50%) of us can’t come to the party. No wonder their business model is dying.