8 thoughts on “Scratch My Brain Podcast #2”

  1. Yes, I’d like to supersize it and give me a copy of “Picadilly Carrott Souffle” too! I agree, the mainstream recording industry is looking back before they look forward. Guys like you will lead the way though – making the music and getting it out there to the masses!

    Great show again Jeff – really enjoying your perspectives.

    Corey James Scribner – Red Jazz Radio

  2. Thanks Corey.

    Corey has a very cool podcast. Check out http://redjazz.com. His podcast has turned me on to several artists that I wasn’t familiar with before I heard them on his show.

    I think music lovers like Corey that take the time to do podcasts and the like will be a big part of the mechanism that will allow independent artists to get their work known to the art consuming public.

    We’re all in this together.

  3. Jeff,

    I listened to the new podcast and enjoyed your rant about the music kiosks. I must disagree about locating these in Starbucks and McD’s. Currently, marketing campaigns for the fast food chains are geared almost entirely toward cross-promoting kid’s movies and toys in Happy Meals. The kiosks would allow McD’s to do more of their adult promotions by giving away music. Similar to the way Coke and Pepsi have given away itunes downloads in there caps, McD’s could give away a download from their kiosk. It makes sense from a marketing perspective….and if they have access to an inclusive database of music, someone might even choose to download a Jeff Albert tune….or heaven forbid an extremely out of tune David Gibson number. Access can’t be bad, as long as true access is granted. There’s the rub….will they be offering this kind of access?


  4. I agree that access is a good thing. I don’t know that any sort of independent or niche artists will be accessible in that situation. It would be cool if that were the case, although I still think I would buy the new Dave Gibson CD online from my home instead of at McDonlad’s.

    That is one of my business shortcomings however. I expect all consumers to behave like I do, and that is not the case.

  5. Jeff, Thanks for again introducing us to some great music. The Rob Wagner music is beautiful. You say it is all about melody, which I won’t disagree with, but I think it’s also all about feel. That bassist and drummer sound really strong. Keep the podcasts coming!

  6. Rob, thanks for listening. Yeah, I hear the feel thing too. Maybe all my time in New Orleans has made me take that for granted a little. Even the totally out free stuff here usually grooves pretty hard.

  7. You know, as I have thought about Rob ewing’s ccomment a little more, I think much of it goes back to what I talked about in the podcast, in that we each percieve a work differently. Things happening in my life right now have as much to do with whaat I hear in a recording, as the intent of the artists that made the record.

    I was looking for melody, Rob Ewing was looking for feel, who knows what the band was looking for.

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